Heart Felt Questions

Our heart pumps life through our veins, and poets wax about it's vital part of our emotions. It goes on its business of keeping us going, literally and figuratively.

We discuss what is on our heart, in our heart of hearts, and look to seek our heart's content.  When things are going well, when the world's troubles are lifted from our psyche, our hearts are light. Spiritual things brings one to lift up your heart to the maker of your understanding. 

Our hearts ache when dealing with sadness or loss. Hearts have been stolen, most likely because they were worn on a sleeve.  When something is heart wrenching, it is as though it has been ripped from our being.

Oh, and lest we forget, heartbreak ~ there is actually medical proof that a heart feels those emotions of pain, like the one we experience when that first significant other decides that we no longer fulfill their needs, wants or desires, or we have been left behind by the one that we love so unconditionally.

If a heart could talk, speak to you directly, what would yours tell you?  Would it ask for you to be a bit more careful, or would it ask for freedom?

Would you have a Grinch-like issue, one of too small; or perhaps filled with blackness and hate, filled from absorbing all of the negatives in life?

Could you see your heart, pouring out all it had to give, invested in this life, the one you've been living all along?

Icy cold, after being conditioned to no longer feel, or is there a fire that burns deep, one that smolders, just waiting for oxygen to bring it full?

Is there something you could have done to safe guard it from the pain your decisions inflicted upon it, or was it guiding you all the way through your journey in this life?

If you were to ask your heart what it wants from you, would it be able to answer, to be true?